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Medina Chemicals delivers a practical range of veterinary products that prevent and treat animals while improving animal productivity. Our products and services connect our customers to the solutions and insights they need to thrive.
We recognize that healthier animals are central to coping with global subjects such food security and nutrition, and environmental sustainability.

Our Promise

“Our customers have continually comprehended that they can depend on Medina chemicals for more than just medicines. We promise to deliver veterinary products that truly advance animal healthcare and productivity. It is our heritage and our mission.”


Medina Chemical has a team of diverse groups from a range of backgrounds, united by our love for animals. We believe fostering the next generation of veterinary experts is critical for our industry. For our business to be endurable, we have engaged the best-trained scientific and veterinary professionals with the highest understanding of animal health and wellbeing.
Our team is committed to professionals working together, beyond animal health, and continuously encouraged to thrive and make people grow through our interactions. We create collective performance by promoting trust and team spirit.







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