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Each vial (2.5 g) contains:
Quinapyramine Sulphate B. Vet. C…1.5 g
Quinapyramine Chloride B. Vet. C….1 g
These salts are white or pale-yellow crystalline powders, odourless with bitter taste and meet the specifications described in British Veterinary Codex, 1965 TRIQUIN is a combination of Quinapyramine Sulphate and Chloride salts in the ration of 3:2. These two salts are active Trypanocides but differ greatly in their solubility and rate of absorption from the site of injection.
The Sulphate salt is readily soluble in water and provides curative action while the Chloride salt which is comparatively insoluble in water forms a depot at the site of injection.
From here it is slowly absorbed into the systemic circulation thus providing prophylactic action in the treatment of Trypanosomiasis.


TRIQUIN is indicated for the treatment and prophylaxis of Trypanosomiasis caused by species of Trypanosomes T. Evansi, in camels.


The recommended dose is 0.030 ml of TRIQUIN Injection per kg. Bodyweight. A total dose of 20 ml need not normally be exceeded. To obtain the best results it is important that the bodyweight is assessed as accurately as possible, and the appropriate dose administered.


TRIQUIN Injection should be administered by subcutaneous route. Use sterile syringes and needles and employ an aseptic technique. Add 20 ml Water for injection IP into the vial and shake the vial to make a suspension for immediate use. Massage the injection site well to disperse the drug and minimize risk of local reactions.
The suspension should be shaken well before use.

  1. No animal need be given more than 20 ml of TRIQUIN Injection.
  2. TRIQUIN injection should be administered subcutaneously in more than one place in debilitated animals.
  3. In weak animals the suspension is further diluted to get 40 ml Instead of 20 ml and the dosage should be completed in 12 hourly installments.
Side Effects:

In normal dosage TRIQUIN is free from side effects. However, salivation, restlessness and tremor of muscles where injection has been administered may be observed in some susceptible animals that are excited or in weak animals at the time of receiving injection. The above reactions are transitory and pass off in a few hours by giving complete rest to the animal in a quiet place.

Withdrawal Period: 21 days

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