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Each ml contains:
Procaine benzylpenicillin 200000i.u.
Dihydrostreptomycin sulphate 200mg


Antibiotic – Penicillin G procaine/dihydrostreptomycin provides high levels of two antibiotics which offer a wide spectrum of antibacterialactivity – penicillin is active against gram-positive bacteria and dihydro-streptomycin is active against gram-negative bacteria.
Infections caused by penicillin G and/or DHS susceptible microorganisms such as respiratory tract infections, uro-gentital tractinfections, infections of skin and wounds, peritonitis, strangles in
horses, mastitis, meningitis, erysipelas in pigs, otitis in dogs and cats, panaritium, clostridial infections, tetanus, anthrax, leptospirosis, actinomycosis in cattle, actinobacillosis in horses, polyarthritis and septicaemia.

Dosage and administration:

By intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. Shake before use.
Dosage: 1ml of the suspension per 10-20kg of body weight once daily.
The treatment should be continued at least 48hours after the temperature returns to normal and all signs of infection have disappeared. For animals in lactation period, do not give more than two (2) injections each of 4000units of penicillin and 5 mg of dihydrostreptomycin per pound of body weight. Injections of more than this will cause residues of antibiotic in milk for longer than 72hours.

Withdrawal time:

Offal and meat: 30 days, milk 72 hours

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