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Trimethoprim and Sulphamethoxazole Powder


Each gram of powder contains: Sulphamethoxazole B.P 100mg Trimethoprim B.P 20mg


For the treatment and prevention of infectious Coryza, CRD Salmonella and E.Coli infections and other gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Also, in treatment and control of Caecal Coccidiosis

Withdrawal Period:

Eggs, meat, and milk can be consumed 3 days after the last day of treatment.


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place (below 30°C) away from direct sunlight.

Dosage and Administration:

100g in 100 Litres of clean drinking water or 1 level teaspoon (5g) of powder in 5 litres of clean drinking water once daily for 5 days continuously.
Do not allow unmedicated water until all medicated water has been consumed.

Calves, Sheep and goats:

2 level teaspoons (10g) per 40kg b.wt. for 5 days.
Dissolve powder in enough water and administer once daily.


100g in 80 litres of water or 2 level teaspoons (10g) in 4 litres drinking water for 5 days.


25g, 100g

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