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Each 1ml. contains: Gentamicin Sulphate 156.25mg. (Equivalent to Gentamicin Base 100)


GENTACURE-10 injection is indicated for the treatment of bacterial infections affecting different animal species (dogs, cats and equine…etc)
Due to gentamicin susceptible organisms as in urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissues infections and metritis.
It is also used as a single subcutaneous injection at hatcheries for one day old chicks and turkey poults to reduce mortality due to Salmonella and E-coli infections.

Administration and Dosage:

Equine: 0.5ML. GENTACURE-10/25KGS B.wt. (2mg/ 1kg B.wt) to be injected I/M or S/C.
Canine and Feline: 0.5ml GENTACURE-10 /10kgs B.wt (5mg/ 1kgB.wt) to be injected I/M or S/C.
One day old chick: 0.2mg GENTACURE-10/ poult / once to be injected S/C.
Turkey poults: 1mg GENTACURE-10 /poult / once to be injected S/C.
Each 1ml GENTACURE-10 is diluted in 100ml saline or water for injection.
This will provide 0.2ml /chick and 1ml /poult.




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