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Each sachet contains:
Diminazene diaceturate 1050 mg – Vitamin B12 1.5 mg – Vitamin B6 6 mg – Antipyrine up to 2.36 g


DIMINAKEL PLUS is a mixture of diminazene diaceturate and phenazone (antipyrine), supplemented with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.
Diminazene diaceturate is an anti-protozoic substance, active against Trypanosoma spp., Babesia spp. and Theileria annulata.
Phenazone (antipyrine) acts against fever specifically in case of babesiosis.
Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are essential in the treatment of anemia.

Species of Animals: Horse, cattle, camel, dog.


– Prevention and treatment of trypanosomiasis (nagana, surra, dourine).
– Treatment of babesiosis.
– Treatment of theileriosis caused by Theileria annulata.

Contra Indications:

Severe hepatic and renal impairment.

Administration and Dosage:

Dissolve 1 sachet of 2.36 g powder in 12.5 ml (or 1 sachet of 23.6 g in 125 ml) of sterile water for injection to obtain a ready-to use 7 % solution (70 mg/ml).
Subcutaneous or intramuscular administration, the latter is recommended in horses.

Treatment of trypanosomiasis:

Horses, cattle: 3.5 mg of diminazene diaceturate/kg b.w. (1 ml/20 kg b.w.).
Camels: 1.25 mg of diminazene diaceturate/kg b.w. (1 ml/55 kg b.w.).

Treatment of babesiosis:

Horses, cattle, dogs: 3.5 mg of diminazene diaceturate/kg b.w. (1ml/20 kg b.w.).

Treatment of theileriosis:

Cattle: 5 mg of diminazene diaceturate/kg b.w. (1 ml/14 kg b.w.).

Multiple therapeutic doses produce nervous signs especially in dogs and camels.

Slaughter: 21 days
Milk delivery: 3 days.

STORAGE: Store cool (below 30°C) and dry.

Sachets of 2.36 g and 23.6 g.

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