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Injectable solution


Each 1ml contains:
Calcium gluconate…230mg.
(Equivalent to 21.4mg calcium)
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate…45mg.
(Equivalent to 5.4mg Magnesium)
Sodium hypophosphite monohydrate…34.3mg.
(Equivalent to 7.4 mg sodium)
Potassium chloride…2.0mg.
(Equivalent to 1.05 mg potassium)
Dextrose monohydrate…250mg.


CANIMAG-P contains sources of calcium, magnesium, sodium, pottasium and dextrose. It is a complete
therapy for the treatment of simple and complicated cases of parturient paresis and hypomagnesemic tetany in cattle. Calcium and magnesium directly restore cow’s serum levels to avoid muscular and nervous damage. Also, magnesium protects against myocardial irritation caused by calcium administration. Sodium and potassium maintain cell membrane potential and influence nerve transmission and muscle function. Dextrose is a source of energy.


For the treatment of simple and complicated cases of parturient paresis (milk fever) and hypomagnesemic
tetany (grass tetany) in cattle.

Dosage and administration:

For I/V and S/C injection only

  • 250-500 ml CANIMAG-P per adult cow.
  • The solution should be warmed and given slowly (over 10-20 min.

Strict asepsis should be applied at injection site.
Cases of severe toxemia (diffuse peritonitis and coliform mastitis) may die if treatment with calcium and magnesium intravenously. Examination of udder and abdomen should be applied before treatment.


Septic toxemia. Rapid I/V injection.


Calcium injection causes myocardial irritation, pulse should be monitored during therapy and treatment stopped temporarily when increased.


Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C & to be used immediately after opening.

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