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Butamed is indicated for the treatment of theileriosis (East coast fever) in cattle caused by Theileria parva sensitive to buparvaquone.


Each 1ml contains: Buparvaquone 50mg


Buparvaquone is a hydroxynapthoquinone which has a specific anti-theilerial action. Butamed ssp. is a parasite occurs within limphocytic and erythrocytic cells and is transmitted by the bites of various species of ticks.
The mode of action of Buparvaquone against theileria is thought to be interfering with electron transport within mitochondria at the ubiquinone level.
It acts on the macroschizonts and intraeryt- hrocytic piroplasms and could be used in the incubation period or in the clinical phase of the disease.

Administration and Storage:

By I/M route

Cattle: 1 ml of Butamed per 20kg body weight by deep I/M injection as a single dose.
In severe cases, another injection with the same dose may be needed after 2-3 days of the first injection.

Contra-indication and warnings:

Do not inject I/V or S/C

Side effects:

Localized, painless, oedematous, swelling may occasionally be seen at the injection site especially in thin skinned animals.

Withdrawal period:

Meat: 42 days
Milk: 48 hours

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