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Medina Chemical is a leader in animal health, committed to innovating and delivering superior animal health products that prevent and treat disease, creating value for farmers, veterinarians, and the sector stakeholders in Kenya and the broader East African region.

Our Products

We help farmers in raising healthy animals and as well limit the potential of bacterial and fungal growth for disease spread and as well promote animal weight gain and healthy production of milk, eggs and meat products.

Our Anthelmintics products help clients reduce animal risk to parasitic worms and support farmers’ livelihoods by increasing animal production and improving the well-being of animal health.

We strive to help farmers increase animal immunity, strengthen bones, keep the muscles and animal skin healthy and prevent them from potential diseases and improve performance and production.

We recognize the importance of animal’s health and its connection to human fitness, for the purpose of increasing animals’ productivity. We offer products that relieve allergy symptoms and motion sickness.

We equip poultry farmers with the tools and products they need to prevent, treat and control common poultry challenges and enhance the health of their herd.

Sustainable animal health and reduction of animal mortality through control of trypanosomiasis is our priority. We offer affordable Trypanocides products that help increase animals’ yield and productivity.

We know that managing animals’ disease challenge and requires constant situation analysis. Medina Chemicals has invested in the treatment and control of animal worms by introducing trusted worm products and tools.

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At Medina Chemical, we are leaders in Animal health solutions with Products and tools that care for animals’ welfare.


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Medina Chemicals is a solution for your animal health needs.

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